Gratitude Journal Super Bowl Sunday Feb 1st 2015

Today I am grateful for…

☆ I woke up feeling well this morning…

☆ I was outside and got blessed with neighbors ~ a woman, Luleia, who was walking her beautiful dog, Kona, talked with me for awhile. She has gone to a shoe art exhibit at SF Airport which is beautifully amazing itself, but when she was younger she had written an essay on the history of shoes. Shoes…~yes~…Shoes! There were 3 more travelers thru the neighborhood that I exchanged good morning greetings with. I felt blessed.

☆ I broke a cup this am in anger at Marty. It felt so good. It was just an instant of anger and once the mug smashed to bits the anger quickly disappeared. In fact, it was just after that that the 4 neighbors came by. A release had come and it seems the event caused some clearing to allow for the good above to happen.

☆ I am listening to the 4 kids outside playing. They are all little, from 10 to 1. I missed Denali growing up after 7 years of age….she’s now 12 yrs. I am forever melancholy over this part of mine and my daughters life. So to hear the kids outside with joy and laughter warms a tiny piece is my soul.

☆ I found a quote this afternoon that perfectly describes my adventures today. It reads: I share a smile and positive words with all those I come in contact with today.

☆ Thank you Universe for your blessings today.


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